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Alphabetical Order

BALTIMORE'S FINEST CHARTERS - Capt. Tracy Geho - 443-938-1658

FISHING C's - Capt. Ron Caudill - 410-668-0088

GALLOWAY CHARTERS - Capt. Bob Krausman - 410-908-7314

INDIAN MAID CHARTERS - Capt Butch Brown - 410-335-8615

SAFARI GIRL CHARTERS - Capt. Mark Brown - 410-335-5343

TEASER SPORT FISHING - Capt. Chris Diehl- 443-986-3048

UPPER CHESAPEAKE BAY CHARTERS - Capt. Rob Hunter 410-708-9810

WHITE SWAN CHARTERS - Capt. Madison Warner - 410-375-1057

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Fishing Charters
Industry Partners…
Bel Air Gun Range formerly Horst & McCann         Phone: 410-399-9518      
                                                                       2137 North Fountain Green Rd
Bel Air, Maryland 21015

Maryland Gun Training Center  Phone:410 429-0486  Gene Belotserkovsky
Gun Ranges and Instruction

Hard Yacht Cafe - 443-407-0038  - Located at Anchor Bay East Marina

Sea Horse Inn - 410-388-1150 - 710 Wise Ave. Dundalk, MD

Stouten’s Bear Creek Marina -  410-477-2288 - 817 Wise Ave Dundalk, MD

Marinas / Cafe / Bars

Gun Show Promoters

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