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Rod and reel repair:. We have expert technicians who will inspect, clean and repair your rod and or reel at reasonable prices. We guarantee you will be pleased with the service you receive as well as the price.

When a reel comes in to be serviced, the entire reel gets disassembled, all grime and sludge is removed, and all the parts as well as the reel frame gets a sonic bath to remove all the small particles that can cause excessive wear. Once the reel is cleaned, it is inspected for wear and possible problems that could show up later. When we reassemble the reel, we use synthetic oils and greases to promote extra protection against wear.

Rod Guides Replaced: When a rod needs a new guide, the old guide gets removed, then  a new guide gets attached to the rod, then it gets wrapped with color appropriate  thread to closely match the existing colors on the rod. The new guide and wrapping gets a clear coat of epoxy to finish the job. The rod then gets placed on a machine that will roll the completed job until dry to create a smooth and constant finish.

Gun Cleaning: Guns get completely taken apart and then scrubbed clean. If necessary, a pick is used to insure that all residue is removed. Once cleaned all parts are inspected for wear. If something is found to be outside of normal specifications you will be notified of the cost to do the repair.

Gun Repairs: All repairs are performed by a certified gunsmith. We will repair but not modify your firearm outside of factory specifications.

Gun Transfers: Bought a new or used gun out of state and want to transfer it to Maryland??? Email Us at and we can do that for you!  FYI...  

Gun Repair Services

Gun Cleaning

Rod  Repair

Rod Guides Replaced

Tips Replaced

Reel Repair / Cleaning

Gimbals Installed/Replaced

Rollers Installed/Repaired

Gun Transfers

Available 7 Days...
Experienced technicians:
Pictured above: Penn 309 Levelwind Disassembled and ready for the cleaning tank. After which it will be re-greased, oiled, any worn or broken parts will be replaced. (Reel  actually being repaired on our workbench)