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If transferring or buying a handgun, it MUST be on this list.

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Click the button below if you are buying or transferring anything other than a handgun IE: rifles, etc... If you are buying a HANDGUN, please  use the Maryland Handgun Roster to make sure your handgun is on the list.

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Gun Transfer Information

  •  BEFORE buying a handgun or having a handgun transferred, you must have your Handgun Qualification License (HQL). You can get this information on the MD State Police website.
  • It is the BUYER’s RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that the firearm being transferred is allowed in the State of Maryland. Check the MD State Police web site. You can find the link above.
  • Any firearm transferred to us that is not allowed in MD will incur a $50.00 handling fee to return the firearm back to the sender, IF THEY WILL ACCEPT IT. A refund of purchase price is between YOU and THE SELLER - NOT US.
  • ALL transfers must be sent to: Blue Fins Group 701 Wise Ave., Dundalk MD 21222. Our "Mailing Address" is for correspondence only.   Please advise the shipper as such. If a firearm is sent to the wrong address it will incur a $20.00 pick-up fee.
  • Transfer information will only be sent Monday through Friday as long as we receive the correct information regarding the firearm. Not all FFL’s are open on weekends. This is to prevent confusion for all parties involved.
  •  Any firearm not picked up or sent  back to the distributor/seller within 90 days will be deemed forfeited and/or abandoned and will be sold to recoup expenses.
  • All transferees must have a Government Issued Picture ID ie: Maryland Driver’s License
  • After the firearm is transferred and received by us, you will have 15 days to come in to the store to do the appropriate paperwork. After 15 days the transferred item will be returned to the transferor.
  • NO firearm will be released without proper paperwork and the appropriate waiting period. The waiting period starts after the firearm is received by us, the proper paperwork is filled out correctly, and sent to the MD State Police.
  • ALL firearms must come from a LICENSED FFL dealer, unless the transfer is performed in our store (person to person).
  • If a customer cancels their firearm order after the background check has been sent in to the MD State Police, they will forfeit their entire deposit or 50% of the price of the firearm whichever the greater.
  • If a firearm is not picked up before 30 days from MD State Police approval date, the customer will forfeit their entire deposit. ALSO, after 30 days another deposit is needed and a new application will have to be completed and sent to the MD State Police.
  • If you transfer another firearm BEFORE your 30 day requirement is completed (non-collector) and the firearm arrives at the store, there is a $25.00 storage fee for each firearm that you have sent to the store. Buying the gun from us directly will not incur any storage fees. Call store for details.
  • Our  Fee Schedule:
  • Handgun and Receiver transfers -  $45.00 per item
  • Long Gun Transfers  - $35.00 per
  • All Class 3 transfers - $100.00 per
  • Background checks - $10.00
  • Storage Fee - $25.00 per gun, per month
  • Disapproved Background checks - $20.00, If the firearm was purchased  through the store, you will incur an additional 20% re-stocking fee.
  • Canceled order by customer - Loss of deposit or 50% of price of gun,  whichever the greater

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